Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed we can and we do. Review our plan structure here. 

We additionally can assist with chimney confronting, determination of cabinetry entryway style/finish/equipment, and ledges to give some examples others! A few things don’t have a retail interface accessible. In those cases you work with your manufacturer for a source and buy with them (ledges are a genuine illustration of this). Explicit establishment subtleties are worked out among you and your worker for hire, our plan centers around determinations. 

Ultimately, it’s truly useful for our group to have a named remittance for cost per square foot while sourcing items. We need to introduce materials that are inside your spending plan. You will be requested this data in the plan structure. 

Paint costs are not calculated into financial plan as they can be variable.

On the off chance that you have an enormous undertaking the sooner the better. Enormous undertakings can require 6+ weeks to get back your underlying plans and afterward there’s half a month for modifications. Lead times for items and furniture can be long and enormous furniture pieces can require a long time to show up.

Yes, we do and can help with all the design decisions for a build.

We want to give our clients one elevated and complete design so we provide one option for each item selected. The design boards and furniture layout with measurement are designed for that.

For virtual design we focus on selections for products and furniture. We don’t provide CAD, technical interior drawings, or renderings with virtual design, but we do with our Full Service Design. With virtual design you can add on a Hand Sketch. Your builder, finish carpenter, cabinet maker, etc. can measure your space in person and provide drawings and mock-ups. 

We give the inspiration and direction with the selections and photo inspiration on what the finished project needs to look like.

Yes, we do. We have an in house team that provides all of that in including permits. 

Email us to inquire about Plans and Permits

We request you to add all alters/inquiries in a single email after you’ve gotten and surveyed your underlying plans. 

For instance: Can I have another choice for a paint tone, workmanship, and an alternate mat would consider one correction. 

Need an extra round of alters? We’re here for you and have that as an extra alternative. Tell us inside about fourteen days of your past round of alters.

We wish we could pass on our exchange limits however we sign agreements with those sellers, have request essentials and need to utilize our records for buy to get those limits.

Here’s a recommended range for financial plan for furniture and styling, separated by space for top caliber, solid, and morally sourced items. (Lounge: 16k+, Dining Room: 10k+, Kitchen/Pantry: 2.5k, Bedroom 13k+, Bathroom: 2k+, Office: $7k+) If this feels outside the thing you were expecting we need to energize individuals that we will source however many things as we can inside your named spending plan and that we center around strength and maintainable pieces that will work well for your family over the long haul. A decent reminder…you will settle on a ultimate conclusion on what you buy or what you don’t!

Yes, we offer commercial design as well.

You’re following in some admirable people’s footsteps, we have a ton of customers get through our virtual plan for those completing components. They can be interesting and truly cause a space to feel total, we get it! On the off chance that that feels like a lot of a speculation, we’d direct you toward our online shop.

We can recommend window treatment. From style and color to sourcing.

We include a resource page to help with all the installation specifics and we give detailed instructions on the spreadsheet. Ex: Tile layout and spacing with grout spacing.

Yes, we can. We are always happy to include any piece you would like to keep.