5 Great Summer Home Decor Trends

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Summer is all about light and breezy fabrics, sunshine, and creating memories that last a lifetime. And with summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you can use summer decor trends in your home that inspire you and evoke positive, happy emotions from both you and your guests. 

1. Neutrals

Neutrals are one of 2021’s most popular design trends. These colors stand out as great backdrops for all sorts of different color schemes. You can also incorporate neutral colors into blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and more. These light colors can bring forth a calm, serene atmosphere and can also help regulate temperature. You can also mix neutrals with different pops of color to add even more flair.

In today’s uncertain times, people are looking more and more to their homes as sources of inspiration. Many people now see their homes as places of solitude and even escape from a hectic, chaotic world with so many unknowns. They want to feel safe and welcome. Neutral colors in a space embody these types of feelings in a room. 

2. Celebrate Nature

Natural elements are very enriching. Bring the outdoors inside and celebrate the human-nature relationship by incorporating organic features and natural elements into your home including sustainable furniture design, green vegetation, and more. 

Use furnishings that are made out of natural materials and try to incorporate prints with flowers, trees, or leaves. And don’t forget to bring the plants inside! Put larger plants in corners and smaller ones on coffee tables and windowsills.

3. Color it Blue

When people think of summer in California, they think of blue skies and bright, radiant sunlight. Blues are one of this year’s top summer interior design trends. Consider using a richer blue in your living room as an accent wall or a lighter blue for decorative pieces and linens. Don’t be afraid to use pops of brighter blue to make a room that much more vibrant. 

4. Go Bold

Make a statement using a stand-out piece that really brings out a room’s personality. Statement pieces have the ability to really make people feel something. Whether it be artwork, furniture, or anything in between, statement pieces are great conversation starters that can really capture a room’s essence.

5. Keep it Light and Breezy

Lighter, more airy fabrics are a great way to open up a room. Incorporate these fabrics into spaces that are used for work, spending time with family, or anything in between. You can also consider lighter curtains and throw pillows. Light, airy fabrics make rooms seem much more spacious and care-free – the ultimate summer feeling.

Let Avery Bold Help You Create Your Next Design

This summer, let me help you tap into your human emotion and get started on a project that makes your home or space feel inviting and inspiring. At Avery Bold, I use the human connection to help people connect to a space, whether the space’s function is for work, cooking, or more. I use human emotion as the driving force to creating a beautiful design. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay area and are ready to get started on creating your next design, contact me today! You can also view my portfolio here.

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